The following is an overview of the products we offer: 

  1. Printed Laminated Range
  2. Straight Stitched Inspirational Range
  3. Square Stitched Inspirational Range
  4. Executive Two-Tone Halfmoon Inspirational Range
  5. Slim Line Range
  6. Ring Bound Range
  7. Filofax Range
  8. Note Books
  9. Wiro Range
  10. Pocket Diary Range
  11. School Diary Range

We have enhanced our range by offering two tone hand stitched padded covers available in our executive range. This can also be made up for specialised orders to suit clients needs. A variety of cover material can be used for two tone covers.

Calendars Existing Executive Range - customised to suit clients needs
Desk Pads Executive Range - customised to suit clients needs
Year Planners Customised to suit clients needs
New Products Our editorial, design and marketing team are able to create products to meet your specific needs such as magazines, calendars, inspirational Note pads etc.

Our Diary & Calendar range can be modified, customised and
personalised to suit any brief.


  • Embossing of Corporate logo on Standard Cover - Logo blind embossed.
  • Foiling of Corporate logo on Standard Cover - Logo foiled in Gold or Silver
  • Gilding - putting gold or silver right round the page edges of the diary.
  • Insert Tip in pages of Companies Information e.g – vision, mission statements, Branches and Telephone numbers.
  • Insert Wraps - Pages appearing at sections of the diary.
  • Overprinting - overprint Company's info or logo on some or all of diary pages - on larger quantities only.
  • Personalise Ribbons - Printed with Companies telephone numbers or companies motto.
  • Personalised Diary on Standard Cover - Name and Surname on the cover.
  • Printed Personalised Cover - Printed in company's own design of corporate colors or in full color.
  • Printed Endpapers - with Companies info (first page on the inside cover second page when you open the diary). This is done on both the front and back of the diaries.
  • Laminating of covers – laminated with personalised printed covers


We can customize and produce any shape and size of calendar to meet your exact requirements.


Real Leather, Nappa Leather, Buffalo and Fashion- they can be personalised with logo and/or name and surname. Our Executive Diaries can be modified to become filo faxes under special instructions.

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